God’s Will

Too often, we find ourselves trying to uncover this mysterious will God has for our lives. There’s nothing wrong with figuring out what God wants you to do, but when we fixate on this, it freezes us into a life of inaction.

Here’s the thing: God’s will for your life isn’t some elaborate Rubix cube you have to solve. God’s will is for you to just live your life while using what you have to love Him and love people.

Staying to Clean Up

True friends are the ones that stay after parties and help you clean up. They’re the ones that aren’t just available for the fun things; they stick around for the messy things. Ruth didn’t bail on Naomi because it would be hard. She stuck around to help pick up the pieces Naomi had left. I’m sure Ruth had thoughts telling her to go home, to let Naomi figure everything out on her own. But she pushed past those and sacrificed. She chose to lay down her life, expecting nothing in return.