I’m Tonya, a born-and-raised Iowan living life and hanging with Jesus. 


I’m a coffee-drinking lover of Pepsi, French fries, books, and my pup. My friends mean the world to me (and they’re kinda stuck with me because I sorta just showed up in their lives and never left).

I started my first blog in the Spring of 2017 when I was searching for a way to challenge myself as a writer. I combined two of my passions, writing and reading, to create Literary Musings.

God has a way of turning our lives ways we never would have expected. Through various circumstances, I revamped Literary Musings into a website dedicated to my freelance writing and editing endeavors as I pursue a career in writing. I still blog, reviewing books and writing about my writing and editing experiences. If you’d like to read more, you can visit my site here.

After metaphorically dipping my toes into the blogging pool, I decided to dive completely in by creating Musings of Grace, a blog where I intend to share Jesus and hopefully build a community of women who want to know Him more.

If you’re thirsting for that, I want you to know I understand you.

This world tries to offer us so much. And yet, here we are, stuck in the comparison trap, thinking we’re never going to be enough.

Let’s be honest. We all have issues. We all have junk. We all have messes. But what we truly long for is authenticity, for someone to come alongside us and say, “Dude, I’m a mess, too.”

I truly believe that as a Christian, my job is to use my passions to encourage and edify other believers and point to Christ by how I live and love. For as long as I can remember, all I have wanted to do is teach and help people. My hope is that through this new journey, I can encourage you and strengthen your relationship with Christ (while working on my own junk, as well 😉).


Keep on, keeping on, and we’ll learn a little more about Jesus along the way.

✌️ – Tonya