Paul and His Team | Ryan Lokkesmoe

I was able to read Paul and His Team by Ryan Lokkesme to review for Moody Publishers.I received this book for that purpose, but I chose this book specifically because I had the opportunity to study the book of Acts over the summer with my church. Obviously, Paul laid some amazing framework for the early church, and I was interested in learning about some of the individuals who served in more of a behind-the-scenes sort of way.

paul and his team

In Paul and His Team, Ryan Lokkesmoe argues the importance of creating a network of teammates while in the ministry. Lokkesmoe uses the examples of the people who supported Paul to exemplify the benefit other people can have in someone else’s ministry. Based on these examples, Lokkesmoe gives the reader some practical examples of how to incorporate their characteristics in today’s world.

What I Liked

Honestly, the Concept in General

Personally, I am not a spotlight person; I do not like being front and center, leading programs. Knowing that God used so many behind the scenes people to propel Paul’s ministry is encouraging to me. Some people are like Tychicus, and they help leaders by distributing material or sending messages. Other people are more like Barnabas and strengthen leaders by offering constant encouragement. Regardless of what our specific gifts are, we can be used to support our leaders for the sake of the Gospel.

Practical Application

In every chapter, Lokkesmoe offers practical ways to apply what specific qualities he talked about. This is beneficial for both church leaders and the people sitting in the pews every Sunday. Lokkesmoe challenges church leaders to look for ways to let other people serve and support, while also encouraging laymen to use their gifts.

Lokkesmoe also includes a series of questions and a prayer at the end of every chapter. The questions are helpful to encourage some self-reflection and discussion. I honestly believe that questions help us understand what we know and what we need to explore more. By asking specific questions, Lokkesmoe makes a call to action, encouraging us to grow as needed.

Overall Opinion

I specifically chose to read Paul and His Team because my church studied the book of Acts over the summer. We spend a lot of time talking about Peter, Paul and the other key promoters and events of the early church, but I was curious to learn more specific information about the people behind the scenes. Lokkesmoe offers a thorough study of Paul’s teammates, which is perfect for anyone looking to do an in-depth study of Paul’s life.

Pastors, other church leaders, and anyone looking to support their church would benefit from reading Paul and His Team. However, I found it a little repetitive and tedious. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good content in this book! I just would not recommend it to someone who wants a lighter read. On the upside though, I did feel challenged to better support my church leaders using my unique gifts. Everyone is created and gifted differently, but God still desires to use us to promote His work.

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